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PhD Supervisors

Wei Ge


  Prof. Ge got his Ph.D from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1998 and has been professor of chemical engineering at Institute of Process Engineering, CAS since 2006. He is mainly engaged in multi-scale simulation of particle-fluid two-phase systems. He further developed the Energy-Minimization Multi-Scale (EMMS) model proposed by Li and Kwauk (1987) for gas-solid flow and explained the controversial “choking” phenomenon in fluidization as a bi-stable state. He also proposed the so-called “pseudo-particle” model which enables simulation of macro-scale flow phenomena from microscopic physics through large-scale parallel computation. With this approach he studied statistical properties of gas-solid flow and verified the stability condition employed in the EMMS model. As project leader, he developed a multi-scale supercomputing system to bridge simulation of molecular details to reactor performance.