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PhD Supervisors

Guangjin Zhang


  Male, professor, graduated from Taiyuan University of Technology- College of chemistry and chemical engineering in 1998, received his master degree in Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his phd degree was from institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Post doctor in University of paris-sud in 2005, programs between University of paris-sud and institute of chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences funded by European Research Council Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship in 2006, professor in key laboratory of green process and engineering.
  Research direction: 
Engaged in the research of inorganic composite optical functional materials and devices, in recent years, around the inorganic acid, semiconductors launched a series of basic and applied basic research. A series of in-depth study were made in the composite optical functional materials preparation and properties of light, electrochemical catalysis, acid green chemistry, etc.