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Development of a new three-liquid-phase continuous extraction device


A new three-liquid-phase extraction device with processing automation function for providing the key parameters in future industrial application of our patented three-liquid-phase extraction and separation techniques was developed. The research is foused on (1) design and scale-up of the three-liquid-phase extraction device to meet the practical requirements of continuous separation processes, (2) automatic control system for those unit extraction processes and their mutual cooperation behaviors, and (3) exploring the application possibilities of the new equipment to various micro-emulsion extraction techniques such as aqueous two-phase extraction, reversed micelle extraction, tubidity-point extraction and so on. The main purpose of current fundamental research is to obtain the optimized process parameters, feasible scale-up methods and regulations for structural design of the three-liquid-phase extraction device and its automation processing system. The investigation intends to provide a multi-purposed device for automatic controllable solutions by the proposed three-liquid-phase extraction new technique. The final results of present research include two aspects: a completed equipment flow-sheet composed of a series of process units to fit the continuous extraction, and a compatible automatic process control system to meet the requirement of ordered extraction and separation. The results can provide a laboratory-scale research instrument to simulate an industrial-scale process of three-liquid-phase extraction technique, and also provide a demonstration on how to conduct the automatic operation control at piloting-scale for future industrial processes of continuous extraction an separation.