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International Branch
  CEGT is a technical cooperation and personnel exchange organization. Its aim is to promote the development and implementation of green technologies into new products and processes with a focus on coal, mineral, petroleum and gas, biomass and solid waste, which will lay the foundation for mutually-beneficial cooperation between China and other developing countries in the field of green technology.
  We build a platform and carry out cooperation with the colleges and famous companies in the developing countries in the following aspects:
  Personnel training: Accepting the postgraduate students, postdoctoral and visiting scholars of short term and carrying out special technology training lessons for the developing world.
  Academic/informational communication:  Exchanging information through academic report or workshop.
  Bilateral/multilateral cooperation: Expanding the scientific research to solve resource, energy, environment and other field problems for green technology.
  Strategic report and consultancy: Providing technical advisory services to promote the planning and top-level design according to the characteristics of resources and the demand of different regions, industries and enterprises.
  Open-sharing of instruments & equipments: Sharing the high performance supercomputing system and equipments.