2014 CAS–TWAS Symposium on Green Technology Held in Beijing

As a series of CAS-TWAS Symposium on Green Technology, 2014 CAS-TWAS Symposium on Advanced Engineering Science for Sustainable Development (AES2014) has been successfully held in Beijing, China on May 28-30, 2014. 

It is the 3rd CAS-TWAS symposium organized by CEGT with the main theme of Advanced Engineering Science for Sustainable Development. This symposium has attracted more than 200 researchers and graduate students, who came from the developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Thailand, Nigeria, Nepal, Vietnam, Ghana and Bangladesh and the developed countries such as USA, Canada, Denmark and Japan.All the attendees fully communicated and deeply discussed the key scientific problems in the fields of green chemistry and chemical engineering, energy and environmental engineering, mesoscale science and process engineering, nanotechnology and material engineering. 
 This symposium has not only established a good platform for researchers from the developing countries to exchange ideas, present new findings and further study and enhance mutual understanding, but also laid the foundation for the international collaboration and promoted scientific and technological progress among the developing countries.