TWAS Public Information Officer Visit IPE
Mr. Edward Lempinen, the TWAS public information officer, visited IPE on July 4. MS. YAN Xingjuan, the International Program Manager of IPE, made a brief introduced of IPE while Ms. HE Hongyan, the Assistant of the Center of Excellence for Green Technology (CEGT), gave a fair summary of CEGT.
Edward had a face to face communication afterwards with 7 foreign students from developing countries, a mix of nationalities, knowing their further experience about studying and living in CEGT and following intention. Edward encouraged them to do scientific research to promote the progress of scientific and technology of their countries and publicize how CEGToperate to attract more students.
TWAS is planning to produce a short film this September so as to promote the CAS-TWAS Centers of Excellence to a global audience. Edward therefore visited the CEGT, Beijing Key Lab of Ionic Liquids Clean Process, State Key Lab of Multi-phase Complex Systems, CAS Key Lab of Green Process and Engineering and outdoor spaces of IPE, which gave him a positiveimpression.